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Iconic Mammal Kicks Off Prehistoric Animal Series

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A colossal creature has returned from the ice age thanks to the Royal Canadian Mint’s initial release in the Prehistoric Animals series &#8212 The Woolly Mammoth.

This huge brute grew to become extinct close to 10,000 many years in the past, but will live on for generations due to the discovery of its fossilized stays in areas like Alaska and Siberia. Traders and collectors can now cherish these prehistoric giants by means of silver and gold coins from Provident Metals.

Canadian artist Michael Skrepnik made the reverse of every single coin. The silver coin features a giant mammoth standing tall prior to ancient mountains, even though the gold depicts a side see of a mammoth with brief fur &#8212 which was molted due to the warm season. The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology authenticated the animals details and characteristics.

6 coins, like NGC MS 69 and 70 coins in the two gold and silver, along with a 1 oz silver and 1/10 oz gold, will be obtainable in limited mintage. Each and every silver coin in the series has a mintage of seven,500. Just 3,000 are obtainable throughout the world for the gold pieces.

The Woolly Mammoth is unique to NTR Metals in the United States, and Provident Metals will be a single of the number of dealers offering the coins on-line. Each modern day numismatic piece will be packaged in a maroon clamshell and customized beauty box.

The Mammoth was identified to roam Canada’s frigid flatlands prior to over-hunting, rapid temperature alterations and reduction of habitat forced the creatures into extinction. The species was relative to the size of contemporary-day African elephants, and have been effortlessly recognized for their lengthy, curved tusks.

Celebrate the resurgence of The Woolly Mammoth with the inaugural piece in the RCM’s Prehistoric Animal series.

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