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How To Spot Fake Silver Coins & Counterfeit Coins Quick Tips by Sahara Coins

How To Spot Fake Silver Coins & Counterfeit Coins Quick Tips by Sahara Coins Many of us love collecting various things. It is our hobby to collect things and keep them safe. This may include historic articles, antique pieces, and many more. One common item that many collect are coins. Coins have been evolving ever since the concept of money was first established. Various materials have been used to make coins. But, gradually as man discovered the cost and durability of the material, things changed and the material used in making some coins are not as valuable.

Since there has been a lot of change in the making of coins, it is difficult and sometimes rare to collect coins that belonged to the ancient era. Many of them have been produced using precious metals and many others are rare to find; the cost of these coins is now extremely high. Still, there are people who are crazy about coins and wish to collect ancient gold and silver coins.

But, with the increase in the demand for coins and the increase in their rates, there are many coin suppliers that deal with fake coins that look much like their real counterparts. The question that arises here is “How to Spot Fake Coins?” It is here that weneed to know how to spot a fake coin when we are spending a high amount on purchasing a coin. It is important to be sure of its originality.

In the video above, you can see the team at Sahara Coins in Las Vegas, revealing a few quick tips to help you spot fake silver coins and counterfeit coins that are now found being sold in the market. Sahara Coins is a reputable place you can trust while in search of original ancient antique pieces that may not be found elsewhere in the world.

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  1. arabicelvis says:

    Thanks great video!

  2. thousandaire radio says:

    hi I subbed your channel. be cool if you sub me back but I’m subbed either way. looks like ima learn a lot here

  3. Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter says:

    Great video. I hate that fake silver is as bad as it is now. Can’t trust it anymore. But, great information here. Thanks for the share!

  4. Ashley Chau says:

    What a lucrative buisness

  5. Karl Rader says:

    these are great tips

  6. tpops2 says:

    LOVE the sound test. As a recording musician I can’t wait to use silver’s tone in my next recording. Btw, the your silver coin rings at the note "C" in standard tuning. Great tips, clearly explained, thanks!

  7. Christopher Sanchez says:

    I was there this last week end and Felt good making a purchase there.. $19.40 for a silver coin not bad…

  8. 888strummer says:

    I have a worn morgan that weighs 26.2 but I think it’s real. After watching some of the 100’s of Youtube videos on fake coins, I decided I’ll just sell all my coins and buy the silver ETF SLV. Fake Slabs is the knockout punch for me. The Chinese have ruined coin collecting and coin investing

  9. Joyce Hsu says:

    Thanks for talking about counterfeit coins. Helpful tips!  

  10. Kent Wong says:

    i love learning this stuff!

  11. Where to Buy Gold, Silver, Rare Coins says:

    come on in guys!

  12. The Adventures of Hsuperman says:

    $$$$$ love love love GOLD

  13. Preston says:

    Great video, I almost got shamed today at a pawn shop over a coin! Will use these tricks. Thank you.

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