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Coins of the World: Africa

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Despite currently being the origin of significantly of the world’s gold, platinum and diamonds, Africa is relatively sparse in treasured metals bullion.

South Africa

The South African Gold Krugerrand is maybe the most recognizable gold bullion in the planet: 46 million troy ounces have been sold considering that 1967. It was a pioneer in the gold bullion market, and produced up 90% of the global gold coin industry by 1980.

It is produced of .9167 ounces of gold, with a copper alloy for power.

The coin received its name from the portrait on the obverse, Paul Kruger, a four-term president of the now-defunct South African Republic. The reverse exhibits a springbok antelope, 1 of the nationwide symbols of South Africa.

In spite of being minted by the privately owned Rand Refinery, the Krugerrand is legal tender in South Africa, though it does not have a marked denomination. In the course of the apartheid struggles in the 1970s and 1980s, some nations banned the import of the Krugerrand, but the coin remains intensely common right now.

South Africa Highlights

  • 70% of plant species in South Africa are not found anyplace else in the world.
  • South Africa is joining with Zimbabwe and Mozambique to develop the world’s biggest conservation spot, a 13,500 square mile park.
  • The deepest mine in the world is South Africa’s Western Deep Levels Mine. This gold mine reaches a depth of 11,749 feet.
  • See if you can join a braai, or barbecue, in the course of your go to. You could also want to sample wine from the oldest wine industry outdoors of Europe and the Mediterranean or consider in a soccer match.

Do you incorporate Krugerrands in your assortment?

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